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Responsible Use of Technology Agreement

Version: November 2022


The “acceptable behaviour” outlined in the Crofton House School Code of Conduct is the foundation for much of what defines "responsible use" of technology; however, the full Responsible Use of Technology Agreement extends beyond behaviour to attitudes and actions intended to create a safe and secure environment that includes the use of technology.  Further, it outlines the conditions for the use of student issued technology and the practices in place at Crofton House School to protect the safety and security of members of the CHS community and the integrity of the CHS network. 

Responsibility of the User

As a student at Crofton House School you are required to agree with statements that define “responsible use”. Your agreement to the responsible use of technology extends to all of your uses of digital technology, whether on-campus or off-campus, and whether using school-owned devices and software or personal owned devices and software. When irresponsible use has negative consequences that impact a safe, caring and orderly environment at Crofton House School, this agreement, together with the Code of Conduct will be enforced. Individuals who are aware of any irresponsible use are required to report this to a responsible adult or the CHS administration.

As with the Crofton House School Code of Conduct, some statements relate specifically to students while others are relevant to the whole community, including students, staff, and parents.


  1. I understand that my actions online impact me, those around me, and others across the world; therefore, I will be a safe, responsible, and respectful digital citizen.
  2. I will speak up to a person in authority when I witness or believe that a member of the community is demonstrating unacceptable behaviour and thereby negatively impacting a safe, caring and/or orderly school.
  3. During class and meetings, I will follow teachers’ guidelines for technology use, including when, and how it is to be used.
  4. I will refrain from using technology in spaces such as Manrell Hall and where there is an expectation of privacy, such as washrooms and change rooms.
  5. I will bring the school-owned device daily and make sure it is charged for classes that require the use of technology (grade 6 – 12 students only).
  6. I will pause before I print to consider the necessity of printing and then, if necessary, print using double-sided and black ink as much as possible. Crofton House School reserves the right to charge my student account if it is determined that printing has been excessive.
  7. I will obtain consent before taking/using digital photographs, videos or audio recordings of people. This includes the recording of teachers’ lessons and recording of remote learning lessons via Zoom or other software.
  8. I will be trustworthy and use only the resources permitted, provide evidence of learning that belongs to me alone, and avoid shortcuts.
  9. When using a mobile device, I will be stationary (not moving). This is a habit that may save my life.
  10. When I’m in a remote learning environment, I will be online on time, dressed for learning, and be fully attentive to others.
  11. When connecting with others in a real-time remote learning environment, I will be aware of what can be seen and heard around me.  

Personal Safety

  1. I will keep my CHS email and computer network passwords private, and not use another’s password.
  2. I will not give out or put online personal/private information (such as my name, address, telephone number) that compromises my well-being, the well-being of others, or the security of the school community. 
  3. I will use only my Crofton House School email for school-related email communications, and I will use a private account for all non-school-related communications.
  4. I will refrain from responding to any messages that are objectionable or make me feel uncomfortable. 
  5. If I come across any information that is objectionable or that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will inform a trusted adult immediately, even if this happens when I am not at school.


  1. I will act in a manner that respects the privacy of others, including photographing or filming others without consent. 
  2. I will ensure that devices that store or have access to CHS information (e.g. laptops, phones, tablets), are password protected with a secure password known only to me.
  3. I will maintain the safety of the group by keeping video conference invitations and password private.
  4. I will make sure that all settings on websites and apps are set appropriately to control my privacy.
  5. I will obtain consent before distributing, sharing, or publishing personal information (such as names, birthdays, or addresses), digital images, video or audio recordings of people by any means including email, social media, social networks, or websites.

Social Media

  1. Before registering for an account with a social media site, I will do my best to understand what would be good about the site and what might go wrong.
  2. The only social media accounts that I will use my CHS email to sign up for are social media accounts that are used for a school-related purpose as directed by my teacher or a CHS staff member.
  3. I will remember that, as a part of the Crofton House School community, I will follow the CHS Code of Conduct which includes acceptable behaviour during all online discussions and activities.
  4. I am personally responsible for the content I publish on social media sites, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, Discord, and other social media. 
  5. I will obtain permission from Crofton House School’s Communications Department before creating a social media account on behalf of the school or a school-related group (e.g. a club-related Instagram account).
  6. The only time I will “friend” or “follow” a current CHS teacher or staff member is when the interaction is on a social media platform that is used solely for school-based purposes.

Care of CHS Owned / Student Issued Devices

  1. I will care for my student issued device, including keeping it in its school-provided protective case at all times.
  2. I will keep the device away from food, liquid, and other materials that may impact the condition or functioning of the device.
  3. I will immediately report any damage to the device or the school-provided software to the IT support team.
  4. I will be the only user of the CHS device that is issued to me.
  5. I will ensure that my student issued device is with me or locked in a secured location out of sight from others when it is outside of my home.
  6. I will make sure I have not left the device behind when leaving a car, the bus, or a classroom. 
  7. I will immediately report any theft of a school-owned device to the police and the school, and provide a copy of the police report to the IT support team.
  8. I will immediately report any theft of a device that is used to access school information to the police and the IT support team.

Illegal Activities

  1. I will only submit, publish, transmit or willingly receive material that is not defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually-oriented, threatening, offensive or illegal.
  2. I will not knowingly introduce a computer virus or other malware into the Crofton House School network.
  3. I will not tamper with, or try to hack into, any CHS computer resource to gain inappropriate access.
  4. I will install only legally obtained software on my student issued device. 
  5. I will not purposely, or through carelessness, damage any part of the school’s technology equipment or computer network.
  6. I will be responsible for any repercussions, which may include civil actions or criminal charges that may result from my online activities.

Crofton House School Practices

Practices are in place at Crofton House School to ensure the safety and security of members of our community and network security and integrity. The school reserves the right, without notice, to:

  1. Monitor, access, retrieve, download, copy, listen to, or delete anything stored in, created, received or sent on CHS’s computer networks, from devices connected to our network, using school-related software, or any other school equipment, without notice and without the permission of any user.
  2. Limit or restrict any individual's use, and to inspect, copy, remove, or delete any unauthorized use of this technology.
  3. Review any and all files, data and messages, without notice, to ensure that students are using the system responsibly at all times.

CHS makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the monitoring of its network services. Access to any information obtained via the internet is at the user’s own risk. Crofton House School is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its network services.

Disciplinary Actions

Evidence of violations of the Crofton House School Responsible Use of Technology Agreement will be investigated by School directors (Junior or Senior School), in consultation with one or more of the following individuals: Assistant Directors (Junior or Senior School), IT Integration and Educational Technology Teacher (Junior School), Coordinator of Information Technology (Senior School), Director of Information Technology, and IT Support Staff. When warranted, School directors (Junior or Senior School) will identify disciplinary consequences for inappropriate behaviour. The CHS Code of Conduct outlines the actions and process the school will follow for ‘Unacceptable Behaviour’ including that related to a failure to uphold this agreement. It also outlines the process for appealing any disciplinary decision. 

Conditions Regarding Use of CHS Owned / Student Issued Devices

In a one-to-one technology strategy, students in Grades 1 to 12 are issued devices that are owned by Crofton House School. There are a number of conditions associated with this program. 

  • The device is issued to the student. The student is the only authorized user of that device. Although the student accepts responsibility for the care and use of the device, the device remains the sole property of CHS.
  • The school-owned devices have a warranty; however, the warranty does not cover loss or theft. If a unit is lost or stolen, a replacement unit will be given and the student’s account billed for payment in full for the cost of the unit.
  • The device warranty has a life span of 4 years (iPads) or 5 years (Macbooks). The length of the warranty is based on the One to One cycle timeframe.
  • The device warranty includes any manufacturing defect and 2 instances of accidental damage. A letter will be sent to parents/guardians to acknowledge the damage and inform them that an instance of accidental damage has been used.    
  • More than two instances of accidental damage will require payment in full for the cost of the repair and this will be billed to the student’s account.
  • If the student’s device is beyond economical repair, the unit will be replaced with a new device. Temporary loaner devices will be issued when required.
  • Under no circumstances may any CHS owned software be transferred to any other device except under the direction of the IT  Department.
  • CHS is not responsible for loss of data, or service interruption.
  • Starting from the 2022/23 school year, if the student has the same computer from Grade 8 to Grade 12, the student will be offered that computer at no extra cost and may take it with them when they graduate. This is conditional upon the IT Department resetting the device to factory settings.

* If the student has the same model from Grade 8 to Grade 12, they own that unit and may take it with them when they graduate (after the IT Dept. has removed the device from CHS systems and been erased).


Responsible Use of Technology Agreement 信息技术使用责任协议

Crofton House 学校行为准则中概述的“可接受行为”是定义“负责任使用”信息技术的基础;然而,完整的《推荐十大正规网赌平台》从个体行为扩展到创造性技术使用在内的安全可靠网络环境的态度与行动。此外,它还概述了学生发布信息技术的条件以及 Crofton House 学校为保护 CHS 社区成员的安全和安保以及 CHS 网络的完整性而采取的措施。


作为 Crofton House School 的学生,您必须同意“负责任使用协议”的声明。 您同意负责任地使用学校信息技术包括您对所有数字技术的使用,无论是在校内还是校外,无论是使用学校拥有的设备和软件还是个人拥有的设备和软件。 当不负责任的使用产生负面影响,影响 Crofton House School 安全、关爱和有序的环境时,将强制执行本协议和行为准则。 任何不负责任的使用的个人必须将此报告给负责的成年人或 CHS 管理部门。

与 Crofton House 学校行为准则一样,有些声明专门针对学生,而另一些则与整个社区相关,包括学生、教职员工和家长。


  1. 我明白,当我在线时,我正在参与一个具有潜在全球影响力的网络。因此,我将成为一个安全、负责任和受人尊敬的数字公民。

  2. 当我目睹或相信社区成员表现出不可接受的行为,从而对安全、关爱和/或有序的学校产生负面影响时,我会向权威人士举报。

  3. 在课堂和会议期间,我将遵循教师的技术使用指南,包括何时以及如何使用。

  4. 我将避免在 Manrell Hall 等空间以及洗手间和更衣室等需要隐私的地方使用技术。

  5. 我将每天携带 CHS 拥有的设备,并确保需要使用技术的课程费(仅限 6-12 年级学生)。

  6. 我会在打印之前暂停以考虑打印的必要性,然后在必要时尽可能使用双面和黑色墨水打印。如果确定打印量过多,Crofton House School 保留向我的学生帐户收费的权利。

  7. 在拍摄/使用他人的数码照片、视频或录音之前,我会征得他人同意。 这包括通过 Zoom 或其他软件录制教师课程和远程学习课程。

  8. 我将被值得信赖,只使用允许使用的资源,提供属于我自己的学习过程证据,避免剪贴走捷径

  9. 使用手机等移动设备时,我会保持静止(不动),这可能在某种情况下是一个可以挽救我生命的习惯。

  10. 当我处于远程学习环境中时,我将准时上网,着装学习,并全神贯注于他人。

  11. 在实时远程学习环境中与他人联系时,我会注意我镜头内的环境与声音。



  1. 我会将我的 CHS 电子邮件和计算机网络密码保密,不使用他人的密码。

  2. 我不会泄露或在网上发布危及我本人、他人福祉或学校社区安全的个人/私人信息(例如我的姓名、地址、电话号码)。

  3. 我将仅使用我的 Crofton House School 电子邮件进行与学校相关的电子邮件通信,我将使用私人帐户进行所有与学校无关的通信。

  4. 我将避免回复任何令人反感或让我感到不舒服的消息。 相反,我会立即通知可信赖的成年人。

  5. 如果我遇到任何令人反感或让我感到不舒服的信息,我会立即通知可信赖的成年人,即使这种情况发生在我不在学校的时候。



  1. 我将以尊重他人隐私的方式行事,包括在未经同意的情况下拍摄或拍摄他人。

  2. 我将确保存储或可以访问 CHS 信息的设备(例如笔记本电脑、手机、平板电脑)使用只有我知道的安全密码进行密码保护。

  3. 我将通过保密视频会议邀请和密码来维护小组的安全。

  4. 我将确保正确设置网站和应用程序上的所有设置以控制我的隐私。

  5. .在通过任何方式(包括电子邮件、社交媒体、社交网络或网站)分发、共享或发布个人信息(例如姓名、生日或地址)、数字图像、视频或录音之前,我将征得他人同意。


  1. 在使用社交媒体网站注册帐户之前,我会尽我所能了解该网站的优点和可能出现的问题。

  2. 我将使用我的 CHS 电子邮件注册的唯一社交媒体帐户是按照我的老师或 CHS 工作人员的指示用于学校相关目的的社交媒体帐户。

  3. 我会记住,作为 Crofton House School 社区的一员,我将遵守 CHS 行为准则,其中包括在所有在线讨论和活动中可接受的行为。

  4. 我个人对我在社交媒体网站上发布的内容负责,包括 Instagram、Snapchat、Facebook、Twitter、TikTok、Reddit、LinkedIn、YouTube、博客、Discord 和其他社交媒体。

  5. 在代表学校或学校相关团体(例如与俱乐部相关的 Instagram 帐户)创建社交媒体帐户之前,我将获得 Crofton House School 传播通讯部门的许可。

  6. 我唯一会“加好友”或“关注”当前 CHS 教师或工作人员的情况是在仅用于学校目的的社交媒体平台上进行互动。


保护CHS 拥有/向学生发放的设备

  1. 我会照顾我的学生设备,包括将其保存在学校提供的保护箱中。

  2. 我将使设备远离食物、液体和其他可能影响设备状况或功能的材料。

  3. 我将立即向 IT 支持团队报告设备或学校提供的软件的任何损坏。

  4. 我将是发给我的 CHS 设备的唯一用户。

  5. 我将确保我的学生设备在我身边,或如果在我家外时锁在别人看不见的安全位置。

  6. 我会确保在离开汽车、公共汽车或教室时没有将设备留在后面。

  7. 我会立即向警方和学校报告学校自有设备被盗的情况,并向 IT 支持团队提供警方报告的副本。

  8. 我会立即向警方和 IT 支持团队报告任何用于访问学校信息的设备被盗的情况。



  1. 我只会提交、发布、传输或不接受诸如诽谤、不准确、骚扰、非辱骂、淫秽、亵渎、性取向、威胁、冒犯或非法的材料。

  2. 我不会故意将计算机病毒或其他恶意软件引入 Crofton House School 网络。

  3. 我不会篡改或试图侵入任何 CHS 计算机资源以获得不适当的访问权限。

  4. 我只会在我的学生发行的设备上安装合法获得的软件。

  5. 我不会故意或因疏忽而损坏学校技术设备或计算机网络的任何部分。

  6. 我将对任何后果负责,其中可能包括我的在线活动可能导致的民事诉讼或刑事指控.


Crofton House School措施与守则

Crofton House School 采取了一些措施,以确保我们社区成员的安全和网络安全和完整性。学校保留以下权利,恕不另行通知:

  1. 将对连接到我们网络的设备、使用学校相关软件或任何其他学校设备进行监控、访问、检索、下载、复制、收听或删除在 CHS 计算机网络上存储、创建、接收或发送的任何内容,恕不另行通知,并且不会经任何用户许可。

  2. 限制或限制任何个人使用,并将检查、复制、删除或删除任何未经授权使用此技术的情况。

  3. 查看任何和所有文件、数据和消息,恕不另行通知,以确保学生始终负责任地使用系统。

CHS 对其网络服务的监控不作任何明示或暗示的保证。访问通过互联网获得的任何信息风险由用户自行承担。 Crofton House School 不对通过其网络服务获得的信息的准确性或质量负责。



违反 Crofton House 学校责任使用技术协议的证据将由学校小学部或中学部分管校长与以下一名或多名人员协商进行调查:小学部或中学部分管校长助理,IT 教师(小学部)、信息技术协调员(中学部)、信息技术总监和 IT 支持人员。必要时,学校小学部或中学部分管校长将确定不当行为的纪律后果。 CHS 行为准则概述了学校将针对“不可接受的行为”采取的行动和流程,包括与未能遵守本协议有关的行为。 


使用CHS 拥有/向学生发放设备条件

在一人手一台(一对一)的信息技术计划中,1 至 12 年级的学生将获得 Crofton House School 拥有的设备。 有许多与此程序相关的条件。

  • 该设备已发给学生。 学生是该设备的唯一授权用户。 尽管学生对设备的保养和使用承担责任,但该设备仍然是 CHS 的唯一财产。

  • 学校拥有的设备有保修; 但是,保修不包括丢失或被盗。 如果一个单元丢失或被盗,将提供一个替换单元,并且学生的帐户将全额支付该单元的费用。

  • 设备保修期为 4 年 (iPad) 或 5 年 (Macbook)。 保修期限基于一对一周期时间范围。

  • 设备保修包括任何制造缺陷和 2 次意外损坏。 将向家长/监护人发送一封信,确认损坏并通知他们已使用意外损坏实例。

  • 两次以上的意外损坏将需要全额支付维修费用,这将计入学生的账户。

  • 如果学生的设备无法经济维修,则该设备将更换为新设备。 临时借用设备将在需要时发放。

  • 在任何情况下,除非在 IT 部门的指导下,否则不得将任何学校拥有的软件转移到任何其他设备。

  • CHS 不对数据丢失或服务中断负责。

  • 从 2022/23 学年开始,如果学生从 8 年级到 12 年级拥有同一台电脑,学生将免费获得该电脑,并可以在毕业时随身携带,  IT 部门将设备重置为出厂设置。